It’s never too late to get the smile you’ve always wanted!

Have you noticed that more of your friends are choosing orthodontics to perfect their smiles? There has been a big trend upward in adult patients choosing orthodontics – today, nearly one in five orthodontic patients is over the age of 21. So if you’ve noticed that your teeth have shifted or you’ve never had orthodontic treatment and are finally ready, Feinstein 360 Orthodontics is looking forward to seeing you.


Why should I consider orthodontic treatment?

There are many reasons why you may seek out orthodontic treatment – your reason is as unique as your smile. But no matter your reason, there is a host of benefits awaiting you. Orthodontic treatment can:

  • Improve your self-esteem  – Your smile is a big part of who you are, and we want to help you always flaunt your Feinest smile.
  • Improve your oral health – Straighter teeth are healthier teeth because they are easier to brush and floss.
  • Improve bite function – A properly aligned bite will function ideally, allowing you to speak, bite, and chew properly. It can also prevent chipping, cracking, and breaking of teeth.

What are my treatment options as an adult?

Many adult patients come to our office hoping they are a candidate for Invisalign clear aligner treatment. The good news is, almost every adult patient we treat is a candidate for Invisalign.

Invisalign it fits seamlessly into your life – the aligners are clear, comfortable, and removable. Plus, you can schedule your appointments farther apart, which means less time at our office and more time enjoying your full life.


Am I too busy for orthodontic treatment?

We know our patients all lead busy lives – with work, school, children, and everything else during the course of a day, adding one more thing can seem daunting. We are committed to making orthodontic treatment as convenient as possible for you. We space appointments carefully to allow for fewer visits to our office. That means your appointments won’t get in the way of your schedule.

What happens if I need additional work in conjunction with orthodontic treatment?

Dr. Feinstein works closely with other dentists and specialists so that every patient can receive the care they need such as implants, periodontal surgery, and esthetic dentistry, and still get the straight smile they deserve.