Begin your journey to your “Feinest” smile today

Your first visit to our office is complimentary. That means no risk and no obligations! We want every patient and their family to feel comfortable and confident in the decision to begin treatment with us.

The team at Feinstein 360 Orthodontics is here to make sure your experience is as rewarding as possible. That’s because we’re not your average orthodontic practice. We are a boutique, locally-owned practice where you’ll see one orthodontist throughout your time with us. And your care will be completely personalized to you.

Where do I begin?

It all starts at your complimentary consultation. You don’t need a referral, either – if you think you or your child may benefit from orthodontic treatment you don’t need to wait for your dentist to refer you. You can schedule online or call the office to get your initial consultation scheduled.

During your complimentary consultation, Dr. Feinstein will:

  • Get to know you and your family
  • Review your dental and medical history
  • Take x-rays, photos, and a special high-tech 3D model of your teeth without any discomfort using a digital iTero scanner
  • Develop a treatment plan that is fully customized to your unique needs and best fits your lifestyle
  • Complete a comprehensive evaluation with specific orthodontic findings identifying your concerns
  • Answer additional questions such as:
    • When is the best time for me (or my child) to begin treatment?
    • How long will my treatment take?
    • How many appointments will I need to accomplish my smile goals?
    • Will there be any restrictions to my diet or lifestyle during treatment?
    • Does my insurance cover any portion of treatment?
    • What is my total investment or cost of treatment?

If you have dental insurance that covers orthodontic treatment, our team is happy to file your claims for you to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits. Before beginning treatment, our treatment coordinator will discuss your financial needs with you, and together, you’ll create a payment plan that fits comfortably into your budget.

And don’t worry, our team is ready to answer any questions you may have.

Can I begin treatment during my first visit?

Yes! We want to ensure that your first visit is as convenient and efficient as possible. If you request in advance, we can reserve time to begin your treatment on the same day as your complimentary consultation. That means you can leave your very first appointment with braces or having completed your Invisalign scans. Miss less time at school or work, and start treatment ASAP.

If you’re interested in having your braces placed on the day of your consultation, just let us know when booking your consultation.

How do I schedule appointments?

For patients in braces, you’ll plan to visit our office every six to eight weeks. For Invisalign patients, you’ll be in our office every eight to 12 weeks. We can even schedule virtual appointments as needed during your treatment. We’re all about making your appointment as convenient as possible for you. Let us know which days and times are best for you, and we’ll do our best to make that happen. To schedule appointments, you can call, text, or use our online appointment form.

Do I still need to visit my dentist while I’m in treatment?

Yes! Taking proper care of your oral health is always important, but now more than ever. So plan to continue visiting your general dentist at regular intervals. If you need dental work done while in treatment, we’re happy to work with your dentist to ensure you receive the best care possible.

So now what?

Let’s get started! Schedule online or call our office at (804) 735-0365. We’ll be happy to schedule your appointment at a day and time that is convenient for you. We can’t wait to meet you!