Today’s teen braces are not your parents’ braces!

At Feinstein 360 Orthodontics, your treatment will blend in seamlessly with your busy life!

When you’re ready to begin treatment, we’re ready for you. While some patients may benefit from beginning treatment at a younger age, others might not be ready until age 13. At your child’s initial consultation, we’ll evaluate if your child is ready for treatment. If treatment is not yet needed, we’ll determine the best time for it to start.

What are the options for my pre-teen or teen?

Most teens are candidates for either braces or Invisalign. Dr. Feinstein will often treat cases with Invisalign that other dentists and orthodontists will not. So if Invisalign is your preferred treatment, we recommend a consultation to learn whether it’s right for you.

There are some advantages to Invisalign. Because Invisalign aligners are removable, they allow your teen to take better care of their oral health during treatment. There are also fewer emergency appointments because there are no broken brackets or poking wires. Invisalign is also great for busy teens and their parents because it requires fewer office visits. While we love to see you in our office, we know you have a life to live, so fewer appointments are better for your schedule. Remember, your teen does have to remember to wear the aligners the recommended 20-22 hours a day.

But don’t worry, if you’d prefer metal braces we’re experts at that, too. Some teens love the idea of being able to personalize their treatment with fun elastic colors. And some love the idea that they don’t have to worry about remembering to wear their appliance. The braces are always there, working to guide your teeth.

No matter which option you choose, the results will be stunning!


How long does orthodontic treatment typically take?

The amount of time your teen will spend in treatment is dependent on a few important factors:

  • What we are correcting – Treatment times will vary, depending on the complexity of the case. After we’ve evaluated the teeth and bite, we can develop a treatment plan and provide an estimate for how long we believe treatment should take.
  • Growth – Growth varies from patient to patient, so we can’t completely control this aspect. However, we will evaluate the direction and timing of your jaw growth and factor that into our treatment planning. This will help determine the timing of your treatment so we can start it when needed.
  • You! – One of the most important factors in how long you spend in treatment is you. Your willingness to wear rubber bands (if needed) and your aligner trays if you opt for Invisalign will play a big role in how long it takes to complete your treatment. Taking proper care of your appliances and avoiding foods that are too hard, sticky, or chewy if you wear braces is also important. We’ll help you understand everything you need to do to keep your treatment on track and help your time in braces or Invisalign zip by.