Your smile is an important part of who you are

You should visit an orthodontist who cares about your smile as much as you do. At Feinstein 360 Orthodontics, we strive to provide exceptional treatment in a caring, comfortable environment.

Our office uses cutting-edge technology to ensure you get the treatment you deserve. And the result will be your “Feinest” smile!

Feinstein 360 Orthodontics is led by Dr. Rachel Feinstein, who brings a mindful approach to orthodontic treatment. That means she takes into account her patients’ whole-body health, habits, and lifestyle when developing treatment plans.

Our office is an extension of Dr. Feinstein’s dedication to her craft. Our team is committed to providing advanced and efficient treatment, with a focus on personalization. No two smiles are the same, so no two treatments should be either.

Welcome to Feinstein 360 Orthodontics. We can’t wait to welcome you home!